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Homes that utilize wells for drinking and domestic water needs (washing and bathing) commonly have higher indoor radon levels within the home.

Radon gas present in the subsurface under the home can be transported up with the pumped groundwater and, if not properly treated, can be released into the home as a result of running the taps and using the water for washing and bathing.  Levels exceeding 40 pCi/L have been measured in residential homes with high groundwater derived radon levels.

A properly designed and maintained water treatment system should be able to remove the radon gas prior to entry to the home.

It is especially important that homeowners on private wells have their homes tested for radon.  If elevated levels are identified (greater than 2.0 pCi/l) then specialized testing of the well water should be conducted (see Well Water Section). 

Additionally, it should be noted that the water should be retested any time that the water treatment system is changed or modified to ensure that the water entering the home is safe.

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