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Expert Indoor Air Quality Inspections

Buying a new home? Make sure to do your due diligence with a pre-purchase Indoor Air Quality inspection to rule out any issues that may reduce your home's value or cause health issues. EnviroHome will conduct inspections and diagnosis with equipment and expertise not found in your standard Home Inspector.

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When to get an Indoor Air Quality Inspection

With the potential to be more hazardous that many industrial sites, it is more important than ever to obtain a report on your home, or potential property's, Indoor Air Quality. 

Building construction methods have advanced to keep your home or property sealed from the elements resulting in increasingly energy efficient homes, however, this prevents the necessary air flow to allow pollutants and hazardous chemicals to leave the home.

Pre-Purchase Home Inspections

The economic impact of purchasing a home with environmental problems may easily exceed the value of the home or property you are buying. Common home inspections do not cover environmental concerns in detail and often exclude them specifically.

Unexplained Health Problems

Mold and mildew are common air contaminants in many homes as well as the use of cheaper and chemically manufactured particle boards and building materials used to cut construction costs. Cheaper construction techniques and inadequate quality control have resulted in water entry problems, mold and mildew growth and in some area the presence of Chinese drywall. 

With the rise of the home office, occupants are spending more time in their homes than ever causing a significant rise in the impact of poor indoor air quality on their health.



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