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Fort Lauderdale 
Radon Mitigation System Installation & Testing

EnviroHome specializes in commercial, residential, and multifamily radon testing and mitigation system installations throughout Fort Lauderdale creating individualized project plans tailored by our team of radon certified experts.

Call 786-791-2554 to learn more about the only Florida based company trusted by the Florida Department of Health to train radon professionals!

EnviroHome's Florida Radon Database

All certified radon testing businesses in the state of Florida are required to submit test results to the Florida Department of Health.

EnviroHome has obtained this data from the Florida Department of Health and is making it available to provide you radon measurement results going back to 1999. Access our Florida radon database search tool to search for radon data the DOH has for your property and the surrounding area.

Search for your address and the closest  15 properties that have been tested by a radon professional will be returned.

Click on each marker on the map to view the individual test results.

Arm yourself with the information whether you're a property owner, renter, investor or developer.


In the Market for a New Home?

EnviroHomePro provides comprehensive reports on a potential home's health risks, noise pollution, air pollution, natural hazards, overall livability, and more. 

With over 30 years in the Environmental Engineering field, EnviroHomePro is bringing this experience to the residential sector. Using one of the largest consolidated environmental databases in the country, rest comfortable knowing you have the best information regarding your property.

Fort Lauderdale Radon Levels by Zip Code

The Florida Health department has created a great database, linked here, of radon test results as reported by certified radon businesses and facilities per Florida Statute 404.056. This tool allows you to see the percentage of radon tests that returned greater than a 4 pCi/L result.  The EPA recommends homes and properties be mitigated if the level of radon is above 4 pCi/L.

Below are some of the zip codes in Broward County over 10% that we were able to acquire. Last published: May 21st 2023:

Buildings Measured
Percentage >= 4 pCi/l

Per the Florida Department of Health: This radon data does not represent a scientific or statistical survey; therefore, it should be interpreted with caution. The data provides an indication of the radon potential within a zip code if a large enough and properly distributed number of buildings have been tested and reported for the area. This data cannot be used to predict the radon level for existing or new construction. Structural features, construction details, and ventilation operations differ from building to building and greatly influence radon concentration. Structures within the same zip code may have dramatically different indoor radon levels due to these differences. Inferring indoor radon levels for untested buildings based on indoor radon data from tested buildings is not possible.

Up until recently it was believed that there were only two sources of radon exposure – radon gas ground source seepage, and off-gassing of radon impacted groundwater. In the low ground source areas such as Fort Lauderdale, it was generally assumed that radon was not a major concern and not one that would warrant mandatory testing associated real estate transactions, etc. Today we are finding highly elevated radon levels in many South Florida concrete building structures. Test results clearly show that the radon comes from the building materials and specifically from the poured concrete.​

The problem is most significant in Fort Lauderdale condominium, apartments, and high-rise structures where large volumes of formed in-place concrete are used and where large concrete surface areas are present in close proximity to building occupants living in the individual units.  

Our radon testing and mitigation company specializes in radon emanating from building materials. We provide testing, diagnosis, and full scale mitigation plans overseen by certified radon experts, licensed professional engineers, and licensed general contractors to ensure the radon levels in your property are at healthy levels. 

Fort Lauderdale Public School Radon Results

The Florida Department of Health publishes radon test results for state licensed, regulated, owned, or operated facilities. You can find their information linked here and in the table below. If you do not see your school in the table below it's possible a new test has been submitted since we checked on July 31st 2022. Please check the database linked above for your school. If you still do not see your school the best course of action is to call the Radon and Indoor Air Program at 850-245-4288 or 800-543-8279 or email

Facility Name
Maximum Radon Level (pCi/L)
Average Radon Level (pCi/L)

Per the Florida Department of Health: Radon Testing is required for State licensed, regulated, owned or operated Facilities.  This requirement is the same for all buildings in facilities required to be tested for radon per Florida Statue 404.056.  Currently all buildings in a facility that are used by the clients of the facility are required to be tested twice, five years apart.  Once tested twice, testing is no longer required unless one of the triggering events occurs:

1) a building is subject to significant structural renovation or a change in facility operation equivalent to a building structural change, or
2) the facility legally becomes a new facility.  Examples of a legally new facility would be the issuance of a new license, or there could be a change in ownership or operator.  If a facility operator failed to complete the required testing in any building by the time it was due, the testing should be completed as soon as is practical.

EnviroHome Mitigation System Installation Photos

EnviroHome's Certified Contractor Services

Short Term Radon Test Canister.jpeg

EnviroHome provides radon testing in Florida for real estate transactions, pre and post mitigation system installation testing, and diagnostics. All testing is executed by NRPP certified radon experts.    

Air Vent

If the results of your test show elevated levels of radon, our team of professional engineers will work on a tailored radon mitigation system plan ensuring the post-mitigation indoor levels are below the EPA recommended activity level of 4 pCi/L. 

Image by Niclas Dehmel

​EnviroHome conducts pre-purchase Indoor Air Quality inspections in Florida with equipment and expertise not found with your standard Home Inspector. Ensure prior to your new home purchase that your home does not have an IAQ issue that may reduce your home's value or have negative health effects.

Radon Testing Before Mitigation?

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