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How Long Does Radon Testing Take?

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

How long radon testing takes depends on what stage of discovery or mitigation you are in. As a general rule, diagnostic short term tests that return an elevated level of 4 - 8 pCi/L should be repeated by either a follow-up short term test or, if time permitting a long term test (91 days or more) to verify the results are not influenced by weather events or other factors.

Short Term Testing

For real estate transactions or time sensitive situations, EnviroHome can deploy short term testing. Short term testing typically takes only 48 hours. Devices are deployed in a few minutes by our Florida Department of Health and NRPP certified radon professionals. Closed house conditions must be maintained during short term testing or the testing results may be invalidated.

Long Term Testing

If the diagnostic testing or short-term testing shows elevated levels of radon in your home/building, it is recommended to undergo long-term radon testing. Long term testing runs for a minimum of 91 days. Closed house conditions do not need to be maintained during long term testing and inhabitants of the house or property can operate as normal. Seasonal weather issues, which can cause short term tests to be invalidated, do not impact long term tests as the tests collect a much larger period of data.

With long term testing, you gain a clear understanding of what levels of radon are present within the home and more accurate exposure levels.

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