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Radon Testing Technologies

EnviroHome combines multiple testing methods to build a full picture of radon levels throughout a building, causes of elevated levels, and efficient mitigation designs if needed. All testing is executed by NRPP and Florida Department of Health certified Radon Measurement Technicians and overseen by Radon Measurement Specialists.

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Not all buildings are built the same meaning not all radon issues stem from the same source. Below are some of the technologies EnviroHome utilizes to properly test your property and assess the severity of the radon issue.

Charcoal Canister

Short Term Radon Test Canister.jpeg

Charcoal radon test kits are the most commonly used testing technology. These small and economical tests are a fast way to determine if a building may have an elevated radon issue. Testing can be completed in as little as 48 hours and results can be analyzed within one week of placement in the building. This type of testing is best for testing done during a real estate transaction where results are needed quickly.

These tests are a fast and easy way to determine initial Radon levels and provide a great starting point to forming radon mitigation plans if necessary.

Alpha Track

Long term radon testing is often completed using an "Alpha Track" test. These tests, deployed for at least 91 days, provide an average radon level while representing seasonal changes that are common in your home environment (heating seasons, seasonal storms, cooling seasons, etc.). EnviroHome may recommend Alpha Track testing if your initial short term test was elevated or external factors make short term testing impossible.

Long Term Radon Test.jpeg

Airthings - Continuous Monitoring

Airthings Wave Radon Continuous Monitor.jpeg

Grab Sampling Using an Air Sniffer

EnviroHome uses grab sampling to gain quick information about radon levels on site. This method of sampling is almost immediate with results in as little as six minutes. Grab sampling is commonly used in the diagnostic phase of testing while still exploring the source and severity of the radon issue. Additionally, grab sampling is a useful tool to test the effectiveness of a mitigation system during installation.

Airthings Wave Plus is the first battery-operated smart IAQ monitor with radon detection, including sensors for temperature, air pressure, humidity, TVOCs, and carbon dioxide. EnviroHome utilizes Airthings to continuously monitor your Radon levels pre and post mitigation.

These small thermostat size devices, are great not just during testing and mitigation but to monitor your home's indoor air quality year round. If you're interested in purchasing an Airthing for your home or office, they can be ordered through with a 10% discount when using the coupon code ENVIROHOME-10OFF.

Radon Air Sniffer.jpeg

EnviroHome may use one or all of the above types of radon tests to properly understand where and why the property being tested has elevated radon levels. This is an integral step to creating the correct radon mitigation system.

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