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Radon Testing

EnviroHome provides radon testing for real estate transactions, pre and post mitigation radon testing, and diagnostics radon testing. All testing is executed by certified radon experts to ensure the property testing type and proper locations are used. 

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Indoor radon levels have been on the rise as the popularity of increasingly air tight building methods are adopted to obtain higher energy efficiency. A tighter seal creates an opportunity for radon concentration to elevate instead of ventilating outdoors. 

Radon Testing for Real Estate Transactions

EnviroHome provides testing overseen by certified radon experts. Radon is a colorless, odorless and tasteless radioactive gas, it cannot be perceived by any of the five human senses. Because of this, radon testing by radon certified environment engineers must be performed in order to verify if radon levels are beyond the EPA's recommended highest level of 4 pCi/L. 


If you, or your family, are experiencing negative health effects, and believe these are due to radon present in your home or property, give us a call to arrange radon testing of your property. 
What are the health Risks from Radon Exposure?

Diagnostic Radon Testing

Typically done with short term radon tests, usually 48 hours, EnviroHome can perform diagnostic testing on your property as the first step to discovering whether or not your home or property has elevated levels of radon. The goal with diagnostic testing is not only to determine if your home or property has elevated levels of radon, but to also pinpoint the cause of the elevated levels, whether that be building materials emanation or ground source radon

Pre and Post Mitigation Radon Testing

Before undergoing any radon mitigation, it is important to have an understanding of the nature of the radon issue and how widespread it may be. Pre-mitigation testing must be completed in order to design a proper mitigation project fit for the property's specific issues. With pre-mitigation testing, EnviroHome can ensure the scope of your mitigation project does not waste time or money. 

Post-mitigation testing should always be performed to ensure the mitigation was successful in lowering the radon concentration levels below the EPA recommended max of 4 pCi/L.

How Long Does Radon Testing Take?

How long radon testing takes depends on what stage of discovery or mitigation you are in. For real estate transactions or time sensitive situations, EnviroHome can deploy short term testing, typically 48 hours. In order to run short term radon tests, the house or property must observe closed building conditions (windows and outside doors are closed during the test and for a period of time before, some air exchange systems must be disabled, severe storms or weather events should be avoided, etc.)

What are Closed Building Conditions?

If the diagnostic testing or short term testing shows elevated levels of radon in your property, it may be best to undergo long term testing which runs for 91+ days. With long term testing, seasonal weather issues, which can cause elevated radon results, are evened out. Additionally short term results can often be interrupted by house utilization (such as opening windows or doors) which is not an issue with long term testing. With long term testing, you gain a clear understanding of what levels of radon are in the home or property throughout seasonal changes. 
How Long Does Radon Testing Take?



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