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Is Radon a Problem in South Florida?

Radon emanating from common building materials, chief among them concrete, remains a large problem for the state of Florida.

Up until recently it was believed that there were only two radon exposure mechanisms – radon gas ground source seepage, and off-gassing of radon impacted groundwater. Both of these mechanisms are very dependent on geologic location of the home/building structure. High levels are primarily found in areas of the country where high uranium ground sources exist such as the northeast – NY state and Pennsylvania, and the southwest US. In the low ground source areas such as Florida it was generally assumed that radon was not a major concern and not one that would warrant mandatory testing associated real estate transactions, etc.

Radon in Florida

Today we are finding highly elevated radon levels in many Florida concrete building structures. Test results clearly show that the radon comes from the building materials and specifically from the poured concrete. The concrete containing upwards of 65% mined limestone aggregate which contains elevated levels of uranium and radium. Permanently inside the building structure, the radium is naturally decaying and continuously releasing radioactive radon gas into the ambient air. The large exposed surface areas of concrete within the buildings is the mechanism by which tenants and owners are being exposed to the radioactive gas at levels well in excess of the EPA guideline. The incorporation of low ventilation rate, tighter building practices and code requirements is contributing to the trapping of the elevated indoor radon levels which is leading to continuous and long term tenant and occupant exposures.

The problem is most significant in condominium, apartments, and high-rise structures where large volumes of formed in-place concrete are used and where large concrete surface areas are present in close proximity to building occupants living in the individual units.

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