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Is Radon Disclosure Required in Florida?

Updated: Apr 20

While not a requirement, it is highly recommended that you verify a home's radon levels before purchasing. Levels of high radon have been found across the state of Florida due to building materials emanation.

As a seller, if you know of a radon problem or an active radon mitigation system within your home, you do have an obligation to disclose this to potential buyers.

If a Seller has to Disclose a Known Radon Problem Within their Home Why Would They Want to Test Ahead of Time?

As a seller, radon testing before putting your home on the market will ensure you have the information needed to reassure a potential buyer at your fingertips.

Radon is a relatively inexpensive problem to correct. More importantly, by fixing the problem you are making your property more attractive to potential buyers. A mitigated house is much more marketable to an unknown, untested house. Additionally, you don’t want a radon problem to be the reason for holding up a closing or price concessions. Finally, you should be aware that radon mitigation systems often have the added benefit of improved indoor air quality which further enhances the overall value of the property. In the South Florida real estate market, we have historically witnessed property value appreciation for mitigated units when compared side by side with unmitigated units.

As a potential buyer, you'll want to know if the house you are purchasing may require a radon mitigation.

Questions to ask the seller:

Has the house been tested for radon?

How long ago were the tests performed?

Did a radon certified business perform the tests?

Where in the house were tests performed?

What were the results of the radon testing?

Keep in mind, it is very important the test be no older than two years and you may want to mitigate the radon even if the levels are at 4.0 pCi/L or below. If the tests are older than two years, it is recommended that new tests are performed to ensure the house is at a safe level. Additionally, it is important to remember that not all home inspectors are certified to perform radon tests. Make sure a certified business like EnviroHome, is hired to perform your radon tests.

Questions about radon disclosures or radon testing?

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