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What is the Most Common Method of Radon Mitigation?

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Though radon in the home or unit can oftentimes not be completely eradicated, it can be brought to safe levels in a cost-effective manner through three standard mitigation techniques.

Active Soil Depressurization

This method of radon mitigation creates a partial vacuum under the structure that is greater than the partial vacuum applied to the soil by the building. Using fans and exhaust systems, the radon is moved through a collector and exhausted outside of the home, greatly reducing the radon collecting indoors.

Sealing or Controlling Entry Pathways

While creating complete seals against radon entry may not be achievable as a standalone method to radon mitigation, it is an effective additional practice to support the systems designed for active soil depressurization.


For structures with low to moderate radon levels, placing additional ventilation systems in the home can be an effective method of radon mitigation.

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